Get Crazy!


Hello there…my name is Tracy, and…well, I’m starting a blog! I’ve kept written journals, Livejournals, and written content articles, but I have to admit, I’ve never tried to keep a blog before. I always thought that if I wanted to create one, I would want it to be something that people would see, that they would love, and hey, maybe it would be something that people could learn from, or identify with. I didn’t want to be one of those “HEY, I ATE A SANDWICH, CHECK IT OUT. -posts picture-” kind of blogs. There’s a lot of sandwich pictures and fart updates on the Internet already, I don’t think that we need another one. ._.

SO, upon giving it a little thought, I decided that I’d make a blog dedicated to something that I personally enjoy quite a bit: art! Creativity! ANYTHING that inspires the mind to leave its mundane, ordinary existence and enter the realm of imagination. I hope for this blog to contain examples of art (mine and others, too!), photography, music, poetry, prose, freakin’ awesome Pinterest how-to articles…I mean, there’s a lot of possibilities here. Let’s just all share what we love and see what happens; I’ll start.

Oh yeah, and let’s have a little humor here, shall we?

Who knows, maybe SplatterCraze will catch on, and we’ll become a little community of creative thinkers. Maybe we can all be friends!

Thank you for reading!


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