Illustrations by Sean Ellery- Inspiration!


Wow. I was scrolling through some posts by on Twitter, and I clicked onto these AMAZING illustrations by Sean Ellery. I was absolutely blown away! Though my favorite ones are in the realistic style that’s depicted in the above image (which was my favorite…=D), he has a very versatile style. Some of the others are a bit more cartoony (like this one), and some of them are a bit more anime-style. However, they all have a very comic-inspired style (like this gorgeous Batwoman!), which I ADORE. I’ve always wanted to adapt my more anime-style cartoons to include a traditional American comic flare, so when I see it pulled off well, it just rocks my socks off and makes me want to draw. xD

Click Ellery’s picture up there to view the rest of the post where I found these gems!

What kind of art inspires you? Share in the comments!


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