I Talk About Humanity a Lot…


I noticed throughout my posts that I talk about humanity a lot. However, that is slightly irrelevant to this picture of a humanatee. =D But only slightly!

Once upon a time, about five years ago when I was doing my tattoo apprenticeship, I was listening to “Take the Long Way Home” by Supertramp, and, when he says the line…oh. Oh God, this isn’t a real line. I just looked it up, and he’s actually saying “Oh calamity, is there no way out?”

Well, that’s embarrassing.

ANYWAY, THOUGHT HE SAID HUMANITY. Long story short, I imagined a creature part human, part manatee, that embodied the plight of humans on their journey as part of…well…humanity. Get it? xD

…anyway. So after five years, I finally drew the humanatee. His name is Hugh (because we LOVE PUNS HERE). I was going to draw him in several different poses with witty puns involving the word humanity…and then I thought about making humanatee-shirts (OH MY GOD ANOTHER PUN…=D), but I’ve been testing reactions to Hugh the Humanatee to see if there would be an interest in such a ridiculous support of this idea. xD

So yep, there he is!


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