“The Plight of Humanatee”

Alright, so…I’ve been talking about this humanatee character lately, and I’m excited to say that I’m trying to do something awesome with it. =D I’m trying to raise funding for a project on Kickstarter.com to make a series of t-shirts featuring none other than Hugh the Humanatee (a humanatee-shirt? =D)! The t-shirts will feature Hugh, illustrated to fit a series of humanity-related quotes (i.e. “Don’t lose your faith in humanity,”) to demonstrate in a humorous fashion the fact that we’re all human (except for Hugh–clearly he’s only half human). The funds, if raised, will go towards producing the first batch of limited edition t-shirts with a couple different designs. If it’s successful, I’d like to consider making more t-shirts with various designs on them for profit!

Curious to learn more? Click the image below!


If you’re interested in donating, THERE ARE REWARDS. If you donate $10 or more, you’ll receive a 5 x 7″ signed and numbered glossy photo of Hugh the Humanatee thanking you for your efforts! If you donate $30 or more, you’ll receive that AND, of course, a t-shirt from the series!

If you CAN’T donate, you can still help if you’re interested just by spreading the word! Link to this post, share with your friends, or you can even share or “like” it on the Atomik Cupcake Designs Facebook page!




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