So many ideas, and not enough hours in the day!

WOO. Have you ever felt like that?

Usually I go through waves in my life where I’ll either feel super creative, or not creative enough. Sometimes, I lose all inspiration to do anything artistic at all, and I’ll look back on my previous works and be like “How on earth did I accomplish that?” On the other hand, sometimes I want to create ALL THE THINGS, and I don’t know where to begin!

Currently I’m in the latter stage, which is AWESOME for me because I went through a period of severely hideous art block where I couldn’t do anything. I would try to draw…FAIL. Try to write something creative…FAIL. Try to pet my cat…FAIL. You get the idea. So, this burst of creativity that has lasted me a few months has been amazing! It’s fueled me creating Plight of the Humanatee in October, writing my first novel in November, designing, formatting it, and self-publishing it by January, and now…now I’m painting little wooden boxes, working on novel #2, preparing for humanatee-shirt prototypes, and entering a community college art show tomorrow (wish me luck! =D).

My only problem now is that I don’t have enough time for all this stuff! WHY CAN’T I BE OMNIPOTENT AND JUST WISH THIS SHIT INTO EXISTENCE?

Well, things don’t work that way, so instead I’ve actually compiled a list of things, ,of ideas, so I don’t forget them and come back to it later. Oh, and there are so many ideas. Painting little wooden boxes, crocheting scarves, designing greeting cards, making t-shirts, marketing my book, writing and illustrating a children’s book…all things I’ll get to someday or another, AS LONG AS I REMEMBER THEM.

I’m not a horribly organized person, so I wanted to share this info with you for two reasons. One is to let my few readers know what’s in progress right now, and two, because I’m super excited that I’m trying to be organized here and put a method to my madness. YAY.

It’s all part of the artistic process. How do you brainstorm and/or follow through with the ideas that result?