New Art! (I’m the worst at updating)

HI. Wow. xD I apologize for my lack of updating! I really should keep it up more, but lately I’ve been so busy on ETSY…=D I made an Etsy store where I hope to sell some prints of my artwork! I’ve also been learning a ton about online promoting and marketing, both for my book and for my Etsy store. There is still SO MUCH to learn, and I feel like such a beginner, but I’ll get there eventually. =3

In the meantime, HAVE SOME ART:

This is my dot owl. He is grand.

This is a pointillism owl that I drew for my college class, which I happen to be SUPER PROUD of. If you want to buy an 8×10 print, they start at only $12…all you have to do is click the link. 😀

In conclusion…I’ll try really hard to post more stuff on here, especially art! And uh…if anyone actually reads my blog, this would inspire me to write more, so please let me know in the comments. =3