And my second wind has died…

A couple entries back, I wrote about how, at the beginning of this year, I had all this energy to do these THINGS…and I was doing SO MANY THINGS.

Well, that went away now. =D

I go through phases of high energy and ambition, and then I go through stages of “Blaaah,” of which I’m currently experiencing now. I’ve been kind of behind on my art and my appointments, and I’ve been trying to take on new things, but only halfheartedly, so that when they inevitably fall through because of my like of ambition for them, I’m more like “Hmm, DARN,” than I am actually upset about it. In fact, when things fall through lately, a small part of me actually gets excited that I now have some free time in my schedule to watch TV (I got cable finally! WEEEEEEE!) or sleep. xD

But, a few good things have happened over the past few months, so this slump in activity isn’t the end of the world. The biggest is that I finally quit at my last tattoo shop, and I’m now working at a place that I really love! The energy is great, the artists are good, and the shop owner is someone that I really admire and respect, who–get this–isn’t a materialistic turd! That’s been a big improvement.

I’ve also been going through the end of a 4 1/2 year relationship for the past three months. Things are finally starting to settle into normalcy, and I’m finally understanding that I CAN live on my own, and I WILL be okay, and I’m actually happier than I was when I was in the relationship. Sure, the bouts of loneliness strike occasionally, and I ask myself if I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life, but I also have a great support group of friends and family to hang out with and who remind me that I will not die in my apartment and be found only after three days, where my pets have begun eating my limbs.

One of said friends is coming into town in about a week and a half, and I AM SO EXCITED. I went to see him in Maryland a couple months ago, and he’s been very helpful with me coming to terms with the breakup, and he helps keep me on track (“NO YOU DO NOT WANT TO CALL HIM.”). I’m hoping that his visit, along with fun activities and this lovely summer weather, will boost my spirits and make me less of a lump. =)

Also, I’ll be visiting my cousin in Montana in mid-August, just before I start my next semester of college! I’ve missed it…I’ve decided that I love college, and I’m super happy that I’m going…even though I’ll be in lots of fun debt by the time I’m out…BUT IT’S FINE.

So yeah…that is my life right now. xD Someday I’ll post something more relevant to art and such, but for now all my nonexistent readers get a big block of text and some vague updates. =)


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